My Dissertation Journey with Peter Ossorio: A Personal and Conceptual Story

Wechsler, R. / Published 2020 / Presentation

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Presenter Ralph Wechsler, Ph.D.
Date October 4, 2020
Abstract: I will be describing the precision and rigor in developing the conceptualization, as we articulated the significance of manic behaviors, as well as the research methodology that we developed to test our hypotheses. Beyond a profound education in practical epistemology, the doctorate was also a profound personal education. I hope to convey my intellectual and personal journey while completing a doctoral dissertation with Peter Ossorio, my advisor at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Although I took this journey 39 years ago, I have a verbatim transcript of the experience to refresh my memory. I recorded each session and transcribed them between our meetings. I could not absorb “on the fly” all that he conveyed in those one-hour meetings, so this strategy allowed me to immerse myself in Descriptive Psychology in general and my clinical topic (manic states) in particular.
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