40th Annual SDP Conference
October 11-14, 2018

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Title Presenter Date
Presidential Address: Applying Descriptive Psychology to the Treatment of Psychological Trauma Ralph Wechsler, Ph.D. October 11, 2018
What is Personality? Three Myths and a Definition Ray Bergner, Ph.D. October 12, 2018
The Wretched Nurseries of Unceasing Discord: Tribalism, political conflict, and person communities. Charles Kantor, Ph.D. October 12, 2018
A Paradigm Case Formulation of Parkinson’s Disease. Keith Davis, Ph.D. October 12, 2018
Informal Status Assignments Erol Zeybekoglu, Psy.D. October 12, 2018
Refinement of a Paradigm Case Formulation of a Daydream: Conceptual, Theoretical, and Empirical Considerations Ian Newby-Clarke, Ph.D. October 13, 2018
Getting Old and Getting Old: Accidental Degradation and How to Avoid It H. Joel Jeffrey, Ph.D. October 14, 2018