Presidential Address:
Applying Descriptive Psychology to the Treatment of Psychological Trauma

Wechsler, R. / Published 2018 / Presentation

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Presenter Ralph Wechsler, Ph.D.
Date October 11, 2018
Abstract: This presentation will first review Descriptive Psychology’s conceptualization of psychological trauma, i.e., as an encounter with the unthinkable that fundamentally reformulates a person’s world concept and/or self-concept and results in a significant restriction of a person’s behavior potential. It will then offer a Descriptive Psychology perspective on Cognitive Processing Therapy, a contemporary approach to the treatment of PTSD. This presentation will also touch on the issue of moral injury as it relates to PTSD, and explicate some therapeutic strategies, tactics, and techniques for treating PTSD derived from Descriptive Psychology and based on clinical experience treating veterans with combat-related PTSD at the Denver Veterans Affairs Medical Center.