What is Personality? Three Myths and a Definition

Bergner, R. / Published 2018 / Presentation

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Presenter Ray Bergner, Ph.D.
Date October 12, 2018
Abstract: This presentation addresses the problem that the field of personality psychology remains in need of a consensus formulation of its core subject matter, that of the nature of "personality" itself. Part one of the article introduces and questions the following three myths about personality and its study: (1) The term "personality" refers to an underlying causal entity within a person. (2) The study of personality is the study of the whole person. (3) Our most prominent "theories of personality" actually qualify as scientific theories and are actually about personality. Part two is devoted to presenting a new Descriptive Psychologically-based definition of the term "personality", a conceptual justification for this definition, and discussion of this new formulation.

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