What is Descriptive Psychology:
A First Hand Historical and Substantive Account

Putman, A.O. / Published 2015 / Presentation

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Presenter Anthony Putman, Ph.D.
Date October 23, 2015
Abstract: “What is Descriptive Psychology?” –a seemingly simple question that turns out to be extraordinarily complex and deeply frustrating. Drawing on first-hand experience as a Descriptive Psychologist since its inception in 1964, I will offer a guided tour of what Descriptive Psychology was and is, and how it has been and can be described. We will begin at the beginning with DP 1.0, as delineated in Persons by its founder Peter G.Ossorio, and move forward through versions leading up to the current DP 2015. Along the way we will see that answering that tricky question is not easy – but it is both doable and worth doing, when you drop the details and see what remains.
The following is a list of the articles and books mentioned by Dr. Putman. Many are available by accessing this website's Publications page, or can be from the Peter G. Ossorio Collection at CU Scholar.

All publications are by Peter G. Ossorio, unless otherwise noted.

There are also many other papers and books not mentioned in this presentation, but that are fundamental to the development and application of Descriptive Psychology. Please explore the comprehensive body of publications available on this website.

Explanation, Falsifiability and Rule-following
Outline of Behavior Description
Meaning and Symbolism
Outline of Descriptive Psychology for Personality Theory and Clinical Applications
What Actually Happens
Never Smile at a Crocodile
Rome Air Defense Command Papers
Clinical Topics (a course, with available transcript)
Personality and and Personality Theories (a course, with available transcript)
Positive Health and Transcendental Theories (a course, with available transcript)
Religion without Doctrine
Research Evaluation and Representation
Conceptual Notational Devices
Spirituality (a book by Mary Shideler)
Studies in Psychopathology (an edited book by Ray Bergner)
Depression (a book by James Holmes)
Communities (a paper by Anthony Putman)
Multi-cultural Psychology
Ex Post Facto: The Source of Intractable Origin Problems
Various papers by C.J. Peek
Various papers by H. Joel Jeffrey and Paul Zeiger
Three Minute Lectures on Emotions
Galaxies at Midnight
An Overview of Descriptive Psychology
The Human Condition
Naive Baseball
Companions of Uncertain Status (a paper by Mary Roberts)
Worlds and World Reconstruction (a paper by Mary Roberts)
World Reconstruction in Psychotherapy (a paper by Ray Bergner)
What There Is, How Things Are
Being, Becoming and Belonging (a paper by Anthony Putman)
In a World of Persons and Their Ways
Out of Nowhere
Worlds of Uncertain Status (a paper by Mary Roberts)
Knowing the World (a paper by Mary Roberts
The Nefarious Is (a paper by Mary Roberts)
Ordinary Magic (a paper by Anthony Putman)
At a Glance, Out of Nowhere: How Ordinary People Create the World (a paper by Anthony Putman)
When Worlds Collide (a paper by Anthony Putman)
The Irrationality Illusion: A New Paradigm for Economics and Behavioral Economics (a paper by H. Joel Jeffrey and Anthony Putman)
Subjective Probability in Behavioral Economics and Finance: A Radical Reformulation (a paper by H. Joel Jeffrey and Anthony Putman)