Understanding and Applying the Concept of Psychological Trauma

Wechsler, R. / Published 2021 / Presentation

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Presenter Ralph Wechsler, Ph.D.
Date Aprile 30, 2021
Abstract: This presentation presents a general model of trauma applicable to physical and psychological injuries, comparing and contrasting traumatic physical injuries with psychological trauma. With this model, grounded in Descriptive Psychology, clinicians will be able to help traumatized people see what changes have occurred in their World Concept and Self-Concept, providing them with essential conceptual tools to help them realize that it is these conclusions and assumptions that have made their lives highly problematic. The model provides a way for people with PTSD to explain themselves, promoting deeper understanding, empathy, and compassion from their loved ones, resulting in more effective support. The workshop will include an experiential exercise involving a paradigm case of psychological trauma, which will provide practice using the formal concepts presented in the workshop.
Presidential Address: Applying Descriptive Psychology to the Treatment of Psychological Trauma