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Program Announcement for the 2015 Conference!

The Society for Descriptive Psychology is a Community exploring the Person Concept: The interdependent conceptual framework of Person, Behavior, Language, and World to create common ground for the Human Sciences.

This year's diverse topics range from clarifying the concept of Social Justice, discussion of appropriate treatment approaches for the variety of Dementias, and the place of embodiment and biological "explanation" in Descriptive Psychology. Other presentations will examine the concept of Alief, elucidate science denialism, explore the contribution of Descriptive Psychology to conflict resolution, and present a variety clinical cases that are conceptualized using a Descriptive Psychology framework.

The goal of this year's conference is to continue the exploration of Descriptive Psychology as a conceptual approach to a broad range of topics within the behavioral sciences, neurobehavioral sciences, social sciences, and humanities, continue building the Descriptive Psychology Community, and to promote further discussion about new approaches to disseminating Descriptive Psychology concepts and applications.

Join Us for the 2015 Conference

October 22 - 25, 2015
The American Mountaineering Center,
Golden, Colorado

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Welcome to the Society for Descriptive Psychology.

The Society was founded in 1978 to promote Descriptive Psychology

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