Descriptive Psychology
“The world makes sense, and so do people.”
-Peter G. Ossorio, Ph.D.
Descriptive Psychology is an entirely different
approach to understanding people and what
they do

Different how?  

Every other approach to psychology and every school of psychotherapy is based on someone’s theory:
behaviorism, psychoanalysis, social learning theory, attachment theory, and so on.  

Rather than adding yet another theory of behavior or creating another school of psychotherapy, Descriptive Psychology brings out what each of these perspectives and theories highlights and organizes about our shared world.  It describes what all these (and more not yet invented) are theories and perspectives about.  

Descriptive Psychology articulates the concepts we as persons share that enable us to meaningfully agree and disagree and have a coherent framework that
encompasses all our various perspectives, and us as observers.  

Why is this so important?   

Descriptive Psychology has applications for psychology and other fields far beyond the usual purview of psychology (for example, developing with NASA a “Knowledge support system for the first lunar outpost mission”).  The unusual scope and comprehensiveness of the enterprise of describing persons, behavior,
reality, and language,
 as well as the interrelationships among these, with scientific precision, required “a fresh start.”  Dr. Peter G. Ossorio, founder of
Descriptive Psychology, also introduced appropriate methodologies for this.  The result is enhanced understanding and clarity about people, our individual
differences, our social practices, cultures, relationships, and world — in short, “our place in the scheme of things” and how everything fits together.

We invite you to engage with our diverse community of psychologists, psychiatrists, computer scientists, aerospace engineers, attorneys, physicists,
mathematicians, theologians, and others exploring and applying
Descriptive Psychology to our
respective fields and lives.

“Discovery consists in seeing what everybody else has seen and thinking what
nobody else has thought.”
– Nobel Laureate Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

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