Membership in the Society is open to anyone with an interest in the discipline of Descriptive Psychology regardless of their academic degree or previous training. Because the Society was founded as an interdisciplinary group by psychologists, computer scientists, educators, applied linguists, organization consultants, and theologians, the membership has always been diverse. The Society has also included members from psychiatry, counseling, social work, nursing, physical therapy, mathematics and the physical sciences, and business consultants with significant experience in marketing, management, strategic planning and organizational effectiveness. Thus the fundamental criterion for membership has always been a serious interest in the understanding and use of Descriptive Psychology in the real world.

Membership runs annually from January 1 to December 31, and the benefits include (a) a discounted rate for registration at the annual meeting, and (b) a publication of the Society selected by the Executive Committee. New members are typically given Peter G. Ossorio’€™s seminal 2006 work, The Behavior of Persons, Vol. 5 in the Collected Works of Peter G. Ossorio, as their initial publication benefit, but they may request a different benefit if they choose.

Membership categories include:

  • Regular membership, with annual dues of $85.00, applies to any non-student person wishing to be a member.
  • Family memberships, with dues of $135, are provided for all members of a family residing together.  Each family member is counted as an individual member and gets all the benefits, but the entire household shares the publication benefit..
  • Student membership, with annual dues of $25, is available to any full-time student, either in an undergraduate or graduate degree program. Student members receive all benefits of regular members.

For additional information about membership, please contact J. Hap Cox, Secretary/Treasurer, at

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or if you have any questions, please contact by email at