Other Presentations and Video Shorts

Other Presentations

Raymond Bergner PhD: “What is Behavior?”

Mary K. Roberts, PhD: “Sense and Significance in the Human World”

Wynn Schwartz, PhD: “Presidential Address: Social Justice and the Just Choice”

Wynn Schwartz, PhD: “Personhood Beyond the Human: What is a Person and How Can We Be Sure?”

Wynn Schwartz, PhD: Round Table – “Altruism and Empathy”

Paula Holt, JD/MBA: “Conflict Resolution”

Aladdin Ossorio: “Neuropsychological and Biomedical Models of Memory”

Erol Zeybekoglu MA, ABD: “Significance and Aggression: A Reconceptualization of ’Anger Management’”

Other Video Shorts

Behavioral Choice

Peter G. Ossorio: “Psychology: Status-Dynamic Maxim A: Place”

Peter G. Ossorio: “Psychology: Status-Dynamic Maxim B: Place”

“Wittgenstein’s Beetle in a Box Analogy”