When Worlds Collide: Origins of Intractable Value Problems

Putman, A.O. / Published 2012 / Presentation

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Presenter Anthony Putman, Ph.D.
Date September 22, 2012
Abstract: Worlds have a compelling consistency. Within worlds it is often possible to negotiate differences in values and practices; between worlds, it is notoriously difficult, even impossible, to do so. People will go to almost any length to maintain their worlds, even in the face of powerful reasons to change. Why? What holds worlds together so powerfully? This talk will take a deep dive into the complexity of people, communities and worlds in search of ultimates -- and some possible avenues to resolution of intractable value problems.
Putman A.O. (2013). At a glance and out of nowhere: How ordinary people create the real world. In K.E. Davis, R.M. Bergner, F. Lubuguin, & W. Schwartz, (Eds.), Advances in Descriptive Psychology: Vol.10 (pp. 19-36). Ann Arbor, MI: Descriptive Psychology Press.