What is a person and how can we be sure? A Paradigm Case Formulation

Schwartz, W.R. / Published 2014 / Book

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Citation: Schwartz, W.R. (2014). What Is A Person And How Can We Be Sure? A Paradigm Case Formulation. Journal of Evolution and Technology, 24(3), 27-34.

Abstract: A Paradigm Case Formulation (PCF) of Persons is developed that allows competent judges to identify areas of agreement and disagreement regarding where they draw a line on what is to be included as a person. The paradigm case is described as a linguistically competent individual able to engage in Deliberate Action in a Dramaturgical Pattern. Specific attention is given to the ability of paradigm case persons to employ Hedonic, Prudent, Aesthetic and Ethical perspectives in choosing their Deliberate Actions and Social Practices.