"What Actually Happens": The representation of real world phenomena in behavioral science. The Collected Works of Peter G. Ossorio, Vol. IV

P.G. Ossorio / Published 2005 / Hardcover

Click here for a full text PDF of the 2005 book, published by Descriptive Psychology Press.

Click here for a PDF copy of this publication as LRI Report 10a, dated 1972, available from CU Scholar.


The recommended citation for the CU Scholar copy of the LRI Report is:

Ossorio, Peter G., ""What Actually Happens": I. Representation of Real World Phenomena in Behavioral Science" (1972). Peter G. Ossorio Collection. 3. https://scholar.colorado.edu/ossorio/3

It was originally published as:

Ossorio, P. G. (1972/1975/1978/2005). “What actually happens”: The representation of real world phenomena. The collected works of Peter G. Ossorio, Vol. IV. Ann Arbor, MI. Descriptive Psychology Press. Also published Columbia, South Carolina: University of South Carolina Press, 1975, 1978. (Original work published 1972 as LRI Report No. 10a. Whittier, CA & Boulder, CO: Linguistic Research Institute. Later listed as LRI Report No. 20.)