The Social Practice of Satire:
Power, Place, and Politics

Kantor, C. & Littmann, J. / Published 2015 / Presentation

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Presenter   Charles Kantor, Ph.D. Jane Littmann, Ph.D.
Date October 25, 2015
Abstract: The massacre last January of cartoonists in Paris sparked a debate about free speech vs. hateful speech, reminded us of the tradition in a free society of the right to criticize and offend, and warned us about boundaries between civil discourse and violent action. Satire as a form of expression has a long history of challenging power in diverse cultures. What does a Descriptive Psychology formulation of Humor and Satire add to our understanding of diverse reactions to expressions of humor, and the potential uses of humor and satire to challenge power, alter statuses, and change perspectives of their audience?A review of the DP formulation of Humor and Satire from Jane’s dissertation, including the dynamics of Humor’s power to accredit or degrade and spark reaction, will provide the springboard for a group discussion with the DP community of the above issues of politics, culture, discourse, and action.
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