The ‘Persona’ Concept:
A Descriptive Take on Social Learning Theory and Role Development in the Behavior of Persons

Zeybekoglu, E. / Published 2021 / Presentation

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Presenter Erol Zeybekoglu, Psy.D.
Date September 19, 2019
Abstract: This presentation will use Descriptive Psychology concepts and methods of
formulation to take a fresh look at Social Learning Theory, which emphasizes the importance of observing, modelling, and imitating the behaviors, attitudes, and emotional reactions of others. Maxims relevant to individual and social behavior, deliberate action, motivational weights and reasons, and use of the Judgment Diagram, are shown to provide a more complete account of what actually
happens in instances of social learning through observation, adding to Bandura’s list of mediational processes that separate stimuli and responses in the
acquisition of learned behavior.
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