Spirituality: The Descriptive Psychology approach

Shideler, M.M. / Published 1990 / Article

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Citation: Shideler, M.M. (1990). Spirituality: The Descriptive Psychology approach. In K.E. Davis, (Ed.), Advances in Descriptive Psychology, Vol. 5 (pp. 199-213). Ann Arbor, MI: Descriptive Psychology Press.

Abstract: My reading in the domain of spirituality, and my acquaintance with people who have embarked on that way of life, have persuaded me that contemporary spiritual practice has far outstripped its conceptual basis. As a result, further spiritual development is being curtailed, as the progress of astronomy was curtailed by Ptolemaic cosmology. As a contribution toward remedying that deficiency, I present here a Descriptive Psychology articulation of the spiritual domain, an exploration of how we know it, and a discussion of some of the specific problems associated with the study of spirituality and the life of the spirit.