Shared Language for Shared Work

Peek, C.J. / Published 2021 / Presentation

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Presenter C.J. Peek, Ph.D.
Date October 3, 2021
Abstract It takes streams of effort converging from many different quarters to accomplish big things—healthcare and social justice being just two examples. In both cases, people from different disciplines, perspectives, identity, skillset, or sensibility are brought together in shared work. A start to making that possible is good enough shared language rather than constant quibbling about what things mean and whose language is better. Two examples from 2020 2021 were amplified by the COVID pandemic and civil unrest over racial justice: Accelerated effort to 1) improve “population health” and 2) achieve equity, diversity, and inclusion in medical institutions. A practical task is to achieve good enough shared language—intellectual frameworks—to enable people to move forward together in shared work with less confusion, ambiguity, and conflict than before.
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