Practical Use of Descriptive Psychology: Applying Psychotherapy Concepts to Other Contexts

Jeffrey, H.J.. / Published 2009 / Presentation

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Presenter H. Joel Jeffrey, Ph.D.
Date October 09, 2009
Abstract: Many of the concepts, maxims and images useful in therapy, such as "be on the client's side," "little white balls descriptions," "there is no 'how'," and "meet the client where they are,"are useful in contexts that seem quite unlike therapy, such as computer systems analysis. They apply for an interesting reason: Ossorio said, "We don't read minds. We read situations." In both therapy and systems analysis the situation is that we need a complete and detailed understanding of the clients’ lives, as they engage in the practices of their community.Via presentation and small-group exploration, we will address: 1) What other images, maxims, and concepts apply in organizational tasks, and 2) What are some other contexts where ideas and techniques from therapy can be applied?
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