Ordinary Magic, Part 3: Consciousness, Community and Worlds

Putman, A.O. / Published 2010 / Presentation

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Presenter Anthony Putman, Ph.D.
Date October 1, 2010
Abstract: In a post-script to last year's "At a Glance" paper, it was noted that: "The conceptual connections among Actor, Observer and Critic have already been spelled out in some detail, but there is still fruitful elaboration to do. In particular we will get considerable mileage from a deeper examination of the interconnections among A-O-C, Actor’sknowledge, Communities, Conscious of and Conscious as, Real Worlds and the Dramaturgical Model." This presentation will pursue that elaboration to some surprisingly powerful conclusions. The audience should come prepared to participate rather than merely listen.
Putman A.O. (2013). At a glance and out of nowhere: How ordinary people create the real world. In K.E. Davis, R.M. Bergner, F. Lubuguin, & W. Schwartz, (Eds.), Advances in Descriptive Psychology: Vol.10 (pp. 19-36). Ann Arbor, MI: Descriptive Psychology Press.