Humiliation: Its nature and consequences

Torres, W.J., & Bergner, R.M. / Published 2010 / Article

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Citation: Torres, W.J. & Bergner, R.M. (2010). Humiliation: Its nature and consequences. J Am Acad Psychiatry Law, 38, 195–204

Abstract: In this article, we present a new analysis of what is involved when individuals undergo We describe the structure of humiliation—that is, the factors that, taken collectively, render certain circumstances humiliating; the most common destructive consequences of being subjected to them; and personality factors that, when present, can serve to amplify the damaging effects of humiliating analysis is intended to enable forensic clinicians, lawyers, judges, and other relevant parties to understand better what happens when individuals are humiliated and to identify more precisely the damage that such persons sustain. It is also intended to have heuristic value for the discussion, confrontation, and alleviation of humiliation in correctional, jurisprudential, clinical, and general societal contexts.