Father-daughter incest: Degradation and recovery from degradation

Bergner, R.M. / Published 1990 / Article

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Citation: Bergner, R.M. (1990). A Father-Daughter Incest: Degradation and Recovery from Degradation. In K.E. Davis, (Ed.), Advances in Descriptive Psychology, Vol. 5 (pp. 285-305). Ann Arbor, MI: Descriptive Psychology Press.

Abstract: Father-daughter incest is a degradation. The purposes of this paper are (a) to articulate the concept of degradation, (b) to show precisely how the incestuous involvement of a child constitutes a degradation, and (c) to exploit the heuristic suggestiveness of this way of viewing incest by describing numerous therapeutic strategies which may be employed to help incest survivors to recover from their degradation.