Embodiment (LRI Report No. 23)

Ossorio, P.G. / Published 1982 / LRI_Report

For this paper, we are not able to provide links to either the original LRI Report or a book chapter in Advances in Descriptive Psychology, Vol. 2, because of copyright constraints.

Instead, the following link is a version based on a lecture that Dr. Ossorio gave at the Annual Conference of the Society for Descriptive Psychology in 1980.

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The recommended citation for this verion is:

Ossorio, Peter G., "Embodiment" (1980). Peter G. Ossorio Collection. 17. https://scholar.colorado.edu/ossorio/17.

It was originally published as:

Ossorio, P. G. (1980/1982). Embodiment. In K.E. Davis & T.O. Mitchell (Eds.), Advances in Descriptive Psychology, Vol. 2, (pp. 11- 32). Greenwich, CN: JAI Press. (Originally published in 1980 as LRI Report No. 23. Boulder, CO: Linguistic Research Institute.)