Classification space: A multivariate procedure for automatic document indexing and retrieval (LRI Report No. 1)

Ossorio P. G. / Published 1964 / LRI_Report

Click here for a copy of the LRI Report originally published in 1964, available from CU Scholar.

Click here for the full text of this document published in 1964 as a Technical Documentary Report for Rome Air Development Center (RADC).

The recommended citation for the LRI report, available from CU Scholar is:

Ossorio, Peter G., "Classification Space: A Multivariate Procedure for Automatic Document Indexing and Retrieval" (1966). Peter G. Ossorio Collection. 1.

The combined citation for both the LRI report and the RADC versions is:

Ossorio, P. G. (1964). Classification space analysis (RADC–TDR–64–287). Rome Air Development Center, New York. (Also published in 1964 as LRI Report No. 1. Los Angeles, CA and Boulder, CO: Linguistic Research Institute.