Antisocial Personality Disorder from a DP Perspective

Bergner, R. / Published 2010 / Presentation

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Presenter Ray Bergner, Ph.D.
Date October 02, 2010
Abstract: In this talk, I will discuss impulsive styles from a Descriptive Perspective, with an emphasis on antisocial personality disorder. The focus will be on discussing this kind of action, and this kind of person, from a worlds perspective, and contrasting this with the classical neooanalytic view of David Shapiro. Further elements in the discussion will include raising the question of whether impulsive behavior is really, as often alleged, a different kind of behavior, or if the term "impulsive" is better seen as a critic's term expressing (perhaps warranted) disapproval of the behavior. A third element that will come into play is Ossorio's Judgment Diagram.
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