“All the World’s a Stage:” A Person-Centered View of Science

Bergner, R. / Published 2011 / Presentation

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Presenter Ray Bergner, Ph.D.
Date September 23, 2011
Abstract: In this talk, an alternative view of the nature of science will be presented. Building on the work of Ossorio (1981, 1998, 2006) and Roberts (2010), the presenter will argue against the currently prevalent view that (a) the real world is just the totality of physical states of affairs; (b) it is independent of us and our human distinctions; and (c) we are mere spectators whose job as scientists is to understand it. Six arguments will be advanced against this view of science, culminating in a positive view wherein science emerges as a far more person-centered venture and the real world itself emerges as essentially the world of persons and their behavior.
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