Advances in Descriptive Psychology, Volume 3

Davis, K.E. , & Bergner, R.M. / Published 1983 / Book

Citation: Davis, K.E., and Bergner, R. (Eds.). (1983). Advances in Descriptive Psychology, Vol. 3. Greenwich, CT: JAI Press.

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Dr. Ossorio’s chapters are made available separately as links to copies of the original LRI reports available from the Peter G. Ossorio Papers at the University of Colorado Special Collections and Archives. Please consult the individual citation pages for Dr. Ossorio's publications in order to access the LRI Reports.

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A note regarding copyright status: This volume of Advances in Descriptive Psychology was originally published by JAI Press. Copyright was subsequently acquired by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. In communications with that publisher, the Society for Descriptive Psychology was informed that Volumes 1-4 of Advances in Descriptive Psychology are out-of-print and that copyright for those volumes has reverted to the principal volume editor, Keith Davis, Ph.D. Dr. Davis then reassigned copyright for each of the individual chapters to its authors.

Written communication between Jessica Kingsley Publishers, the Society for Descriptive Psychology, and Keith Davis about these copyright changes are retained by the Society Secretary and are available on request.