A Descriptive Psychology Take on Mindfulness

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Presenter Walter Torres, Ph.D.
Date October 1, 2021
Abstract Mindfulness, or mindfulness meditation, as a practice and a therapeutic measure, has gained widespread acceptance and prominence. However, some of the core locutions used to speak of mindfulness, e.g., to “refrain from thinking,” muddle our understanding of the practice and its source of value. Improved
understanding of its essential features and effects, both as a practice and as a therapeutic tool, can facilitate its adoption and propitious use. Concepts of Descriptive Psychology, in particular, the functions of “Actor – Observer – Critic,” “Appraisal,” and “What the Situation Calls For” are utilized:
1) to articulate more clearly the core features of mindfulness; 2) to distinguish it from other therapeutic tools; and 3) to enhance our understanding and
appreciation of its particular value.
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