Jack Sidman, PhD

Email: jsidman309@aol.com

Jacob (aka Jack) Sidman received his Ph.D. from the University of Colorado in 1968 writing his dissertation on empathy with both Peter Ossorio and Keith Davis as advisors. He then did a two-year post-doctoral fellowship in the Department of Psychiatry at Stanford Medical School before becoming an assistant professor at Oberlin for several years. He then moved to the University of California Santa Cruz where he both taught psychology (e.g., basic counseling and empathy training) and worked in the Counseling and Psychological Services. He has published in several professional journals. He also taught graduate students at University of Hawaii for a year and part-time for the University of San Francisco graduate program in counseling for a number of years. He officially retired from the University of California in 1991 to go into full time private practice. He is now retired, still doing some writing and community service (e.g., County Task Force on Youth Violence Prevention) and living in Aptos, CA. with his wife, Kris who is a licensed marriage and family therapist in practice in Santa Cruz.