F. Richard Singer III

Email: pndp@sbcglobal.net

I am a Professor Emeritus in Mathematics at Webster University in Saint Louis MO. My teaching specialties are in mathematical logic and abstract algebra. My broader interest involves various types of conceptual studies, and this is at the core of my interest in Descriptive Psychology. My deepest interest in Descriptive Psychology relates to its connection with conceptual philosophy. Conceptual philosophy involves a type of activity during which the want parameter is to enhance a conceptual understanding of our most ubiquitous concepts. Unlike most work in philosophy, conceptual philosophy focuses only on concepts rather than on philosophical theories. Instead of asking about the nature of reality, it studies the most ubiquitous concepts we can use for thinking about what happens in the world. Thus, the DP reality concepts are easily integrated into conceptual philosophy. I am especially interested in relating DP and epistemics, the strand of conceptual philosophy that focuses on a purely conceptual study of understanding, and there is a paper about this on the Descriptive Psychology section of my website. I am currently using DP in the design of educational resources that focus on constructivist learning. My work in this regard is on the Constructivist Learning section of my website. I welcome communication about these and any other matters involving DP.

Website: http://www.conceptualstudy.org/plus.html