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    Bruce Smith

    Letting therapeutic means maximizing behavior potential. Then talking about therapeutic places makes sense. Therapeutic Interactions of Persons would include Mary’s concept of I-Thou and Ray’s Therapeutic Relations. Therapeutic communities would includes Dan’s VP with his sister and brother-in-law. Could we say that these are logical best practices?
    “A Person does not choose less behavior potential over more.” has a logical structure.
    What are logical best practices? Descriptively?

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    Bruce Smith

    The following is taken from a Virtue’s Training Manual. Does this define a therapeutic community?

    THE FIVE STRATEGIES of the Virtues Project
    The Five Strategies of The Virtues ProjectTM inspire individuals to live more authentic, joyful lives, families to raise children of compassion and integrity, educators to create safe, caring and high performing learning communities, and leaders to inspire excellence and ethics in the workplace.
    1. Speak the Language of Virtues Language has the power to inspire or to discourage. Using virtues to acknowledge, guide, correct and thank awakens the best within us.
    What are your strength virtues? What are your growth virtues?
    2. Recognize Teachable Moments Recognizing the virtues needed in daily challenges helps us to become lifelong learners open to the lessons of character.
    What lessons are you learning at this time in your life?
    3. Set Clear Boundaries
    Boundaries based on respect and restorative justice create a climate of peace, cooperation and safety in our homes, schools and communities.
    What boundaries do you have? What boundaries do you need?
    4. Honor the Spirit
    We sustain our vision and purpose by integrating virtues into our activities, surroundings, celebrations and the arts.
    How do you honor your personal spirit and the spirit of your group?
    5. Offer Companioning
    Being deeply present and listening with compassionate curiosity guides others to find clarity and to create their own solutions.
    How well do you listen to others, to yourself? What really needs to be heard?

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