Descriptive Dissertations: 1965-1992

All dissertations listed on this page are those directly supervised by Dr. Ossorio (i.e., as dissertation committee chair) or for which he provided substantial supervision.

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More recent dissertations and doctoral projects can be accessed through a separate link, Dissertations: 1992-present, also under the “Publications” main menu choice. Those dissertations and doctoral projects have typically been chaired by faculty members, now teaching throughout the country, who were originally trained and supervised directly by Dr. Ossorio.

Aylesworth, L. S. (1980). Stress, mental health and need satisfaction among Indochinese in Colorado. Dissertation Abstracts International, 41, 1490B. (University Microfilms No. 80-21544)

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Bergner, R. M. (1973). The development and evaluation of a
training videotape for the resolution of marital conflict.
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Busch, E. K. (1980). Police personnel evaluation procedures as an aspect of organizational control. Dissertation Abstracts International, 42, 17A. (University Microfilms No. 81-13949)

Cabezas, C. S. (1991). An analysis of the factors involved in the process of academic achievement, with an emphasis on assessing differences in achievement between African-Americans and Whites at a predominantly white university.

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Huk, J. E. (1973). Pre-empirical considerations for a behavioral science. Dissertation Abstracts International, 34, 3466B. (University Microfilms No. 73-32554)

Ida, D. (1989). Depression, hopelessness, and suicide ideation among Asian-American students.

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Kantor, C. (1977). Discipline, negotiation and the schizogenic family: A study of normal and schizogenic socialization. Dissertation Abstracts International, 46, 304B. (University Microfilms No. 84-22724)

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Kirsch, N. L. (1978). Suicidal states and restrictions in the eligibility to negotiate personal characteristics. Dissertation Abstracts International, 39, 4038B-4039B. (University Microfilms No. 79-03066

Larsen, E. A. (1968). A pre-normative and predictive study of the college student Rorschach. Dissertation Abstracts International, 29, 2204B-2205B. (University Microfilms No. 68-14389)

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Latham, C. A. (1983). A high power-low power account of self- criticism.
Dissertation Abstracts International, 45, 3075B-3076B. (University
Microfilms No. DA8428662)

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Littler, S. L. (1987). Significance in schizophrenic thought disorder..

Littmann, J. R. (1979). A theory of humor.Dissertation Abstracts International, 40, 5410B-5411B. (University Microfilms No. 80-11288)

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Zeiger, C. A. (1976). A psychological approach to the improvement of myopia. Dissertation Abstracts International, 37, 6359B. (University Microfilms No. 77-11348)

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