A therapeutic approach to destructive self-criticism

Bergner, R.M. / Published 1998 / Article

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Citation: Bergner, R.M. (1998). A therapeutic approach to destructive self-criticism. In H.J. Jeffrey and R.M. Bergner, (Eds.), Advances in Descriptive Psychology, Vol. 7 (pp. 249-273). Ann Arbor, MI: Descriptive Psychology Press.

Abstract: Countless psychotherapy clients engage in highly destructive forms of self-criticism. The consequences of such practices for their self-esteem, emotional state, vulnerability to others' criticisms, ability to change problematic behaviors, and more, are both numerous and dire. In part one of this chapter, three empirically common patterns of such destructive self-criticism, as well as their typical consequences, are described. In part two, some therapeutic concepts and procedures for helping persons to alter debilitating self-critical practices are presented.