Notes on behavior description (LRI Report No. 4b)

Ossorio, P.G. / Published 1981 / Article

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Citation: Ossorio, P.G. (1969/1981). Notes on behavior description. In K. E. Davis (Ed.), Advances in Descriptive Psychology, Vol. 1, (pp. 13-36). Greenwich, CT: JAI Press. (Original work published 1969 as LRI Report No. 4b. Los Angeles, CA & Boulder, CO: Linguistic Research Institute.).

Abstract: The concept of Intentional Action is presented as a calculational system having an Element-Operation-Product structure. The lA formula is the initial Element and four Operations are introduced. Products of the system are forms of behavior description. The set of products is unlimited in variety and quantity. A set of maxims for giving person descriptions or behavior descriptions is presented. The maxims function as prescriptive, or rule-like, constraints on the giving of person descriptions and behavior descriptions. The force of the maxims reflects the conceptual structure of the Person Concept.