Being, becoming and belonging

Putman, A.O. / Published 1998 / Article

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Citation: Putman, A.O. (1998). Being, becoming and Belonging. In H.J. Jeffrey and R.M. Bergner, (Eds.), Advances in Descriptive Psychology, Vol. 7 (pp. 127-160). Ann Arbor, MI: Descriptive Psychology Press.

Abstract: "Doing" has been the primary intellectual concern of psychologists
- including Descriptive Psychologists - in the 20th century, but "doing" is not the only aspect of the Person concept which warrants attention. This paper concerns
itself with three domains which have been less extensively articulated within the
Descriptive Psychology canon: being, becoming and belonging. Conceptual and
practical links are articulated between each domain and the others ("being" informs "belonging" in various ways, and vice versa, for example), to "Person", and to "doing" in its various forms. Some of the material here is already part of the common canon in Descriptive Psychology; the rest is meant to be original contributions by the author.