People Making a Difference

HealthPartners Logo Medical Management

C.J. Peek, Ph.D. and Richard L. Heinrich, M.D. are using Descriptive Psychology to provide an objective basis for the profession of medical management. Their Seven Core Practices of Medical Management are in use by medical management at HealthPartners, a large health maintenance organization in Minnesota.

People Personal Relationships

Keith E. Davis, Ph.D., Associate Editor of Personal Relationships, uses Descriptive Psychology as the basis for his research on friendship, love, and relationship break-ups. He also uses Descriptive Psychology in his work as Chair and Professor of Psychology at the University of South Carolina.

Three Little Pigs Artificial Intelligence

H. Joel Jeffrey, Ph.D. is teaching students about artificial intelligence by using a Descriptive Psychology analysis of the ``Three Little Pigs.'' His courses in computer science at Northern Illinois University teach what it would take to make a computer a real person.

Prism Moral Competence

Sonja B. Holt, Ph.D., Director of the Institute for Human Studies in Arvada, Colorado, is throwing light on ethical concepts through her consultation work with parents and educators on helping children acquire moral competence.

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