2000 Rap Session with Peter Ossorio

Questions from the rap session at the annual meeting of the Society for Descriptive Psychology, September, 2000:

  1. At what point does the infant move out of the darkness of inexperience? How do you as an observer recognize when it occurs?

  2. Think of behaviors like torturing a cat, picking one's nose, and biting one's nails. Are they the done things in a community? Are they participations in social practices?

  3. Are there any Descriptive notions that can account for why some people remember things in their lives, while other people can hardly remember any?

  4. What do you think about community being the fifth major piece of the Person Concept?

  5. What led you to start developing the Person Concept?

  6. Baseball players have no disagreements about the rules of the game they're playing. Human beings have great disagreements about the game we're playing. Why the disparity?

  7. When did you add "in a dramaturgical pattern" to the definition of a person? Why?

  8. Are there significant changes in our culture that lead to less moral sensitivity of a positive set of ways of living to develop character?

  9. Do you have any objections to formulations that emphasize physiological underpinnings to temperament?

  10. How might Descriptive Psychology cogently refute the current trend of evidence-based, empirically-based psychotherapy?

  11. Could you talk about what is a virtuous person? Why is there not some virtue in doing the right thing?