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    Charles Kantor

    The website’s publication citation pages have now all been updated so they include links to the CU Scholar scanned LRI reports. In addition, links have been added to the Ossorio citations in the “Central Descriptive Psychology Concepts” Sample Topics section.

    FYI, we’ve adopted certain conventions.

    First, any Ossorio article/chapter that was originally published as an LRI report now includes the LRI number in the citation page’s title, even if it was later published as a chapter or journal article. However, the citation page itself retains the publication’s original citation (i.e., it’s publication history prior to being posted on CU Scholar), in addition to a newly added CU Scholar citation. Go to the website and look at any one of the LRI report citation pages to see an example.

    Second, as you all know, several of Ossorio’s books (i.e., from the Collected Works as published by Descriptive Psychology Press) have already been uploaded to the website. When available, links are therefore provided on book citation page for both the DPP publication and the CU Scholar scanned version. In several cases, this was deemed historically important because of differences between the two documents. For DPP books that have not yet been uploaded to the website we included a “promissory” note on the citation page indicating that PDFs will be added in the future. Until then, the CU Scholar links provide access to the content.

    As always, making these changes required a great deal of detail oriented work. Accuracy for Ossorio’s work is particularly important. If you find any errors please notify Ned or Charlie so we can make corrections.

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